The importance of a healthy foot to the soundness of a horse is undeniable. Proper trimming and hoof care of the foot can improve soundness and prevent chronic lameness. Neuse River Equine Hospital can provide recommendations for your farrier based on digital radiographs for proper shoeing and foot conformation to prevent problems. NREH strives to include foot health in treatment plans when necessary. Some common hoof problems are long toe/low heel conformation, laminitis, navicular disease and the club foot. Diagnostic imaging with digital radiographs can help to provide an accurate picture of the structures of the foot and their alignment inside the hoof. As a service to our customers and horse owners in Eastern North Carolina Dr. Mansmann, the author of “Equine Podiatry,” and his farrier Kurt von Orde work at Neuse River Equine Hospital two days a month. Please call to schedule an appointment